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Desert Spirit

Desert is a sacred space where you can quiet the mind and explore the depth of the soul.

Ezuz is hidden in a dry river mouth, one of the strongest desert landscapes in Israël.

The perfect place to find peace, deepen your spiritual practice and heal your body, mind and soul.

 We will lead you gently, cleansing old energies and nurturing renewed energies.

 6 full days of practicing yoga, experiencing music, walking and sitting,

sharing meals and gathering around the fire at night  in a deeply bonding experience under the desert sun and moon. 

The soundscape of the desert,  the space, the remoteness, the silence and the music will enhance your experience and focus.

Disconnect and join.


    DAY 1 - Thursday 12th april

    11.00 Meeting at Ben Gurion airport
    Drive to the desert
    Snack on the road
    Check-in at Tobiana Ezuz
    17.00-18.30 Soft practice with Roni and Yotam
    19.00 Dinner at Ezuz Café

    DAY 2 - Friday 13th april

    7.30-9.00 Sunrise Yoga practice with Roni
    9.00-10.00 Breakfast at Tobiana Ezuz
    11.00-13.00 Soundscape Meditation
    13.00-15.30 Free time
    15.30-17.00 Yoga live Music with Yotam and Roni
    17.30 Dinner at Ezuz Café
    19:30 Laya Project Screening

    DAY 3 - Saturday 14th april

    6.00-7.00 Silent walk in the desert
    7.30-9.00 Sunrise Yoga practice with Roni
    9.00-10.00 Breakfast at Tobiana Ezuz
    11.00-13.00 Travel to the DUNE for scream and shout and meditate
    13.30-14.30 Lunch
    15.30-17.00 Roni or Yotam Class
    19.00 Dinner at Ezuz Cafe

    DAY 4 - Sunday 15th april

    7.30-9.00 Sunrise Yoga practice
    9.00-10.00 Breakfast at Tobiana Ezuz

    Drive to the city or Airport


    • – All yoga and meditation classes
    • – All workshops, music concerts
    • – All ground transportation
    • – Accommodation (based on shared desert lodge)
    • – 2 meals a day and a snack
    • – Fruits, nuts and biscuits will be provided at all times


    • – International to/from Tel Aviv
    • – Travel insurance
    • – Tourist visa
    • – Gratuities
    • – Alcohol or items of a personal nature / souvenirs

    “There are journeys which take us far without us having to venture a single step. Once in the land of Israel and, even more so, in the desert, Sandra and Yotam invited us to make a delicate start to our journey to ourselves, a journey accompanied by others. Their faith in the global practice they propose is contagious. In a simple way. The force imparted by a smile exchanged in silence; our fellow travellers’ confidence restored as we cross the desert on foot; the listening to a, sometimes hostile nature in the winter cold, which yet gives us strength; intimations of familiarity with a native land that Yotam knows so well; the stories told transporting us into an oriental tale; the serious of the practice and the euphoria of the wellbeing. Both of them open up to us, with their generosity, their imagination, their good taste and their delicacy. And one only has to let oneself be swept up in this journey, at once entirely theirs and unlike any other. Initially, the experience is collective, for it commits us to focusing our attention on the details of things, of people. And so, the personal experience is even more spellbinding. Yoga is more than merely the physical effort involved in the practice; it gives us a feeling of complete regeneration. There was laughter, great running across the dunes, marvelously intimate discussions, and yoga in places of great serenity. Emotions sincerely mirrored head-to-heads with oneself, confrontations with one’s own limits. Nothing was neutral. In this space of retreat, we lived moments of great richness. We take all that away with us so that we can grow a little more. Thank you Sandra. Thank you Yotam. Thank you Rony.”
    Caroline Gaudriault / France

    “What a powerful experience, that goes way beyond travelling ! A real journey from the inside revealed thanks to a kicking crew of yoghis, as professional as spiritual, who embodies the genuine desert spirit… Perfect combo that made me feel more whole on-site and upon my way back… A real blessing, even better that what I expected ! Looking forward to the next Dogood retreat, I ll follow eyes wide shut ! Namaste / toda raba from the deepest of my heart + soul”
    Géraldine Giraud / France

    “Amazing adventure to live one week in the desert & to live every moment as a unique one;
    the 2 main words which summarize well our retreat are simplicity and sharing
    Sandra & Yotam made our daily life easier in discreet ways and Roni is a wonderful yoga teacher sharing her experience with caring and kindness.
    No judgement, no competition, just accepting us the way we are.
    I have really appreciated the mix between yoga, meditation and walks in the desert. Last but not least, this is a great & magical way to finish a year and to start another one !
    And even if the weather was cold, it was a fantastic experience which I will renew with pleasure (maybe in another place as I like discovering new places)
    Thanks again Sandra for your delicious Stollen and for your massages, thanks Yotam for your music, your yoga & meditation classes, and thanks both of you for this week.”
    Valérie Rasson / France

    “Stunning, absolutely breathtaking places.
    Gorgeous food, wonderful people…
    Kind yoga practice, taking you softly to your inner soul, to the others strength, to a pure serenity …
    Yotam and Sandra gently taking care of you all the way.
    Roni, giving you enthusiastically way to the origins and meaning of yoga
    Just do it !”
    Valérie Sibilia / France

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    Early bird PRICE : 750 € (800 € for registration after 1st march)






    She leads students from around the world through Yoga and Meditation journeys
    with the intension of bringing the wisdom of Yoga to daily lives.

    She is practicing meditation from the year 1991 and yoga from 2000.

    Roni is certified by Israeli Yoga Association for giving Yoga Teacher’s Training- 600H- 2 years training.

    Roni has studied Meditation with Israeli Master Noa Blass and specialized in Chakra studies.
    She studied Mindfulness with emphasis on working with children and youth. She is a student
    and an assistant of Israeli Ashtanga- Vinyasa Yoga Master Shimon Ben Avi,
    and also specialized in theraputic yoga for a happy back with Rachel Krentzman.

    Prior to teaching Yoga, Roni was an accomplished choreographer, working in Israel and New York.
    She is the founder of Naim Studio for Yoga and Movement in Tel Aviv and the producer of Israel’s largest
    Yoga conference, Yoga Arava.


    Sandra Schultze personal path into yoga was born after years of resistance
    to spiritual practice of any form.

    Love has placed Yoga on her doorstep and she was taken by it with all her heart and mind.
    There was no looking back.

    From Literature to Video editing, Sandra has been gently stepping the world
    of visual art, leading a woman empowerment animation project and working
    with Award wining producers.

    Yoga helped her understand she has to step out of her computer cave
    and made it clear that the most important now for her is to take care of people.
    She will lead you into restore and renew relaxation practices.


    Yotam Agam is a yoga teacher, musician, producer, engineer, and a surfer…
    mostly a nomad. Born and brought up in the desert, with balkan-polish roots, one foot
    in India and the other all over the world, not spending more than 2 weeks in one place
    for more than a decade, passionate about music, yoga and culture. Constantly involved in
    creative projects that blends all these passions.

    Using South India as a home, Yotam has been developing projects around the Indian Ocean.
    He is one of the founders of EarthSync, an award winning production house that specialized
    in music collaborations, documentary films and music festivals. He heads the design
    and production at EarthMoments, a boutique sound library of rare and unique sounds
    from around the world and the creator of the successful ZenPad for Ableton Live,
    a creative digital space to make music for everyone. And he is one of the founders of Covelong Point
    Social Surf School outside Chennai, India where music and surfing are used to change a community life.

    Throughout his extensive travel, Yotam had the privilege of working and connecting
    with a diversity of cultures, recording, documenting and exposing their traditions
    through his microphones and eyes. His network of creative people keep expanding
    and inspiring him and others to come together.