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Sun Salutation Yoga Holiday (India)

We invite you to join us for a unique journey to the Coromandel coast of South India , from Chennai to Kovalam Fisherman's village, Mahabalipuram, Auroville and Pondicherry. An experience of discovery, heart opening and nourishing meetings with people who share their knowledge and inspirations, from meditation to acro yoga, music, permaculture, sound healing, surf, kayak, tamil culture...

A daily morning yoga practice and afternoon workshop exploring yoga philosophy, karma yoga, meditation or pranayama will deepen your practice in your own rhythm and pace in a peaceful, colorful environment of strong nature, luxury and boutique hotels.


    DAY 1

    17th february
    Pick-up at Chennai airport
    Drive to Kovalam
    Check-in at Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove

    DAY 2

    18th february
    8.00-9.15 Sunrise Yoga
    9.45-10.30 Breakfast
    10.30-12.30 Surf, SUP or kayak class at Covelong Point Surfing School
    13.00-17.00 Free time
    17.00-19.00 Chakra crystals meditation with Divya Srinivasan
    19.30 Dinner at Covelong Point Surf Turf
    20.30-22.00 Private classical carnatic concert at Surf Turf with Padma Shankar

    DAY 3

    19th february
    7.00-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    9.00-10.00 Breakfast
    10.30 Check-out and drive to Auroville
    11.30 Stop at Mahabalipuram for free time for temple visit / shopping / lunch
    16.30 Drive to Auroville
    18.00 Check in at Auroville Guest House
    19.30 Dinner in Mango Hill

    DAY 4

    20th february
    6.30-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    8.45-9.30 Breakfast Afsaneh
    10.00-14.00 Free time at Auroville Visitor Centre & registration for Matri Mandir
    14.00-18.00 Kali’s Tamil tour
    19.00 Dinner in Wellcafe

    DAY 5

    21th february
    6.30-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    8.45-9.45 Breakfast Afsaneh
    10.00-15.00 Free time
    15.30 Permaculture workshop at Solitude organic farm
    18.00 Workshop with your teacher at the farm
    20.00-22.00 Dinner & concert at the farm

    DAY 6

    22nd february
    6.30-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    8.45-9.45 Breakfast Afsaneh
    8.45-11.00 Visit to Matrimandir and Ashram gardens
    11.00-16.00 Free time
    16.00-18.00 Afternoon workshop with your teacher at Dune
    19.00 Dinner at Dune

    DAY 7

    23rd february
    6.30-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    8.45-9.45 Breakfast Afsaneh
    10.00-12.30 Sound healing and soundbath with Aurelio in Verite
    11.00-16.00 Free time
    16.00 Afternoon workshop with your teacher
    19.00 Dinner in Wellcafe

    DAY 8

    24th february
    6.30-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    8.45-9.45 Breakfast Afsaneh
    10.00-12.00 Free time
    12.30 Lunch at Naturellement
    14.00 Pondicherry
    14.30 Meditation in the Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram
    15.00 Ganesha Temple
    15.30-19.00 Free afternoon of shopping and walking around
    19.00 RV at Dupleix hotel
    21.00 Drive back

    DAY 9

    25th february
    6.30-8.30 Sunrise Yoga
    8.45-9.45 Breakfast Afsaneh
    10.30 Check out Afsaneh
    11.00 Stop at exit village for shopping and picnic shopping
    13.30 Travel back to Covelong Point and picnic in the bus
    15.30 Check in at Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove
    16.00-17.00 Surf, SUP or kayak class at Covelong Point Surfing School or chill out
    18.00 Acro yoga with Shilpa Shakti at Surf Turf
    20.00 Dinner at Surf Turf

    DAY 10

    26th february
    6.30-7.30 Satsang & chanting with Vinaya
    7.30-9.00 Sunrise Yoga
    9.00-10.00 Breakfast at Taj
    10.30-12.30 Surf, SUP or kayak class at Covelong Point Surfing School or chill out
    13.00-15.00 Free time for lunch
    15.00-22.00 Yotam’s session in Kovalam (chai shop, temple, drum around the fire on the beach…)

    DAY 11

    27th february
    Final practice at Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove
    Breakfast and summary talk
    Drive to the city or airport


    • – All yoga and meditation classes
    • – All workshops, music concerts
    • – Eco-farm visit
    • – Healing music instruments workshop
    • – Unique Standup Paddleboard yoga class and sunset dinner at Alamparai Fort
    • – Surf class and board rental
    • – Meditation at Mantri Mandir ashram
    • – All domestic transports
    • – accommodation (based on double occupancy rooms)
    • – 2 meals a day and one bottled water refreshed daily

    What is not Included:

    • – Flight to/from Chennai
    • – Travel insurance
    • – Tourist visa
    • – Gratuities
    • – Alcohol or items of a personal nature / souvenirs

    “There are moments when your life is at its peak. Such was the time I spent in India.
    I am teaching yoga for over 15 years. Times we go for a retreat is time to come back to oneself, peel layers of behaviour that doesn’t suit us anymore, and find out who we really are.
    I know all this, yet nothing prepared me for the experience I had.
    The unique journey in the landscapes of South India – the amazing beaches, the surf experience for the first time, and the vast jungle of Auroville made the perfect scenario for the opening of the heart. It was the first time in India for me and I felt at home.
    The yoga practice in this beautiful places allowed the group to be more intimate and connected on all kinds of levels. Especially since we where travelling together as a group, and I met myself not only as a yoga teacher but as a companion to my students.
    Coworking with Sandra Schultze was amazing. It felt as if we completed each other and this corporation taught me a lot about myself.
    Through Yotam Agam, the living spirit behind this amazing trip, and his deep connections in South India, we encountered so many inspiring people. These meetings, yoga sessions and different classes, reminded me how to surrender and I had deep, angelic experiences.
    This journey was an external and internal well balanced experience for me. It allowed peace to come into my heart, feeding my soul and it acompanies me ever since.”
    Rinat Reina / Israel

    “Auroville is really the city of dawn and an amazing example on how to live together , respect nature and practice well being. We had a quite and nurturing stay and left with a huge feeling of more”
    Bushra S. / India

    “The retreat was amazing! Beside having the best yoga teacher, staying in fabulous places and eating in great restaurants, I was surprised by the richness of the program. We did so much – music, temples, surfing, meditation, permaculture, cooking, nature… It was a great experience!”
    Michal Gur Shavit / Israel

    “Thank you so much for inviting me and making me feel a part of the community and festival! Felt blessed throughout. It also just confirms what I have been hesitating to do for sometime.. Just teach,guide and learn. I would love to participate in workshops and events anytime you organise it. Thank you! And a big hug to Sandra for being the loving kind person she is.”
    Swapna G. / India

    “It started when I read a note about a 3 days of yoga, surfing and music festival in India. I thought to myself it could be nice, but I didn’t imagine how amazing and significant this trip would be for me. For 11 days I was surrounded by wonderful special people and great workshops of many kinds, different types of yoga, chanting, surfing, music and many more.
    I got lucky to visit very special places and to meet great teachers.
    The schedule was very well planed. We had lovely Sandra, who was with us the whole time, lead us through the wonderful places, was there for us and took care of all our needs.
    I am so glad that I joined this trip, I got new friends and I know it is something I will never forget!
    I can’t wait for the next retreat 🙂 ”
    Oshrit Tsvi / Israel

    “Thank’s for a wonderful retreat / tour / trip to India…
    We had great time !!!! Both of you are loving, interesting and caring…
    Highly Recommended !!!!
    Call me for recommendations…”
    Ilana & Liora Grossman / Israel

    “The retreat was quite refreshing and rejuvenating for me. Surfing, acro yoga, good company, new places to name a few. Come to explore nature and good company and just chill. You carry good memories to savour for a long time and by the time memories start fading, head for another retreat and have fun. Just love it!”
    Pankaj Sharma / India

    “Dear Sandra and Yotam, words cannot really express the amazing yoga, music and retreat workshop experience in India. You gave us back more than 100% with love and care for every activity. I will be very happy to go with you any other workshop around the world. Highly recommend!!!”
    Moshik / Israel

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    How do i change money ?

    best is to change money in the airport , however it is possible to change outside.

    How do i change money ?


    1950 USD for double occupancy
    2350 USD for alternate single and double occupancy
    2650 USD for single occupancy throughout

    2150 USD for double occupancy
    2550 USD for alternate single and double occupancy
    2850 USD for single occupancy throughout






    Rinat’s practice in the teaching arts of yoga began in 2001 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
    More than 15 years ago, Rinat was an aggressive lawyer, fighting her targets.
    But one day she crossed the path of yoga and it totally changed her life,
    bringing peace, serenity, optimism and self-awareness to her.
    Who knew that 15 years later she would devote her life teaching classes and workshops,
    facilitating teacher training courses and leading international retreats !

    Rinat has the unique ability to get her students to infuse the principles and practice of yoga
    in all branches of their lives, and to help them discover the healing components of this practice
    for mental liberation from old patterns, for physical empowerment and spiritual uplift.
    Her yoga sessions incorporate breath, muscle work and meditation
    to make renewed energy flowing through your daily life.

    Rinat will lead you through Ashtanga posture series with very specific adjustments
    that will bring you on a unique deepening path of your practice whatever your level is.
    She will adjust you by adjusting to you.


    Sandra Schultze came into yoga through a very personal path.
    Totally recalcitrant to any form of spirituality, she had to cross love’s path
    to open herself to yoga and its wide wild world.
    Invited to yoga by Yotam Agam, she stepped into her new life for good.

    With a background of literature studies, she left France and travelled around Asia
    for a year with a camera in her backpack and the will to report what she would see.
    Always going with the teasing flow of life, she returned to study editing
    at the Gobelins School and works till today as a video editor.

    When she became a mother, she started to be concerned by women’s issues and entered
    the fantastic world of animation on tiptoe by conceiving a feminist animation
    project for women’s empowerment. She worked at Directing and scriptwriting with the leading
    and multiple Award winning French Producers of animated Shorts – Sacrebleu Productions.

    Yoga helped her understand she has to step out of her editing cave and made it clear
    that the most important now for her is to take care of people.
    So don’t worry, you are in good hands.


    Yotam Agam is a yoga teacher, musician, producer, engineer, and a surfer…
    mostly a nomad. Born and brought up in the desert, with balkan-polish roots, one foot
    in India and the other all over the world, not spending more than 2 weeks in one place
    for more than a decade, passionate about music, yoga and culture. Constantly involved in
    creative projects that blends all these passions.

    Using South India as a home, Yotam has been developing projects around the Indian Ocean.
    He is one of the founders of EarthSync, an award winning production house that specialized
    in music collaborations, documentary films and music festivals. He heads the design
    and production at EarthMoments, a boutique sound library of rare and unique sounds
    from around the world and the creator of the successful ZenPad for Ableton Live,
    a creative digital space to make music for everyone. And he is one of the founders of Covelong Point
    Social Surf School outside Chennai, India where music and surfing are used to change a community life.

    Throughout his extensive travel, Yotam had the privilege of working and connecting
    with a diversity of cultures, recording, documenting and exposing their traditions
    through his microphones and eyes. His network of creative people keep expanding
    and inspiring him and others to come together.